Factory Planning

Systematic and deliberate factory planning is the essential key to economic success and sustainable business operations.


  • new construction
  • reconstruction
  • modification or expansion

your planning sets the course for the future viability of your project!

TechGenion offers support and advice during each phase of the project. With fundamental adaptions and continuous improvements we can help you secure your factory's success on a sustainable basis.

Central focus of our planning and concept development is the production process. Modern production processes require high performance and flexibility. They also need to take into account the global trend towards reducing the lifecycle of products while at the same time increasing the diversity of variants.

In order to assure an optimal production flow during the entire production process we align

  • dimensioning of the required space
  • planning and lay-out of buildings and production facilities
  • planning and lay-out of machinery and equipment
  • planning and lay-out of transport and storage facilities

in a way that they allow an ideal interplay.

We are able provide the optimum design for your plant, thereby securing a long-term competitive advantage of your production concept. All the while we permanently and consequently bear in mind the significant objectives and stick to the plan in regards to timings and budgets through a well-structured project management.

From target definition to realisation- we advise and assist you through all phases of factory planning - together we will turn your project into a success!

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